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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wedding Wedding Wedding

I am thrilled to have been asked to create bridal and wedding party jewellery for an event on the 31st of July of this year. I am particularly thrilled because I get to keep one set for myself since I am the sister of the bride! Congrats to Micha and Rob! 

In our earliest discussions, we've talked about doing an identical style for all 5 girls (4 bridesmaids and a soloist) but with different stones in them according to each girl's taste. I've also mentioned picking one stone and having 5 slightly differing styles to suit each girl. I figured that way I could really maximise the quality of the strands of stones I was using without having to necessarily buy a lot of stones to make it! I don't want to charge her up the wazzoo for it: she is my sister after all! However, since Micha is giving these as gifts to her attendants, I want something that each girl will wear forever as a reminder of her friendship with Micha and of the day...

More on this story as it develops, but meantime...thoughts? Opinions?  If you were in the wedding party would you prefer a piece of jewellery in your favourite stone, or in a stone you maybe hadn't had a chance to wear before in a style that suited you???

Inquiring minds want to know!!!


  1. First off, congrats! I made a necklace for a bride once, and it is an exciting feeling, isn't it?

    I propose that there be one main stone that corresponds to something on the bride (beads on her dress, her necklace, whatever). Then, that stone gets worked into each of the bridesmaid's necklaces. This way, each bridesmaid can have a stone that relates to their own taste, but, with the bride's bead worked in as well, it will forever be associated with that special event.

    Make sense?

  2. Oh that is a great idea! I thought I would do that with pearls, as I know we'll be using those for her jewellery. One bridesmaid has already said "You know I love green, right?" One nice thing is we are all wearing black, so almost ANY coloured stone is going to work!