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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My other pursuits

Besides making jewellery, one of my latest and favourite obsessions is knitting. Specifically, I love to knit scarves! They're easy and mindless and I can do them while I watch tv without even thinking about it! I love rich jewel toned colours (huh...go figure!) and soft fluffy yarns that are easy to work with. I love Lion Brand Homespun because it's machine washable and dryable (and if you know me well, you know that I spill...a lot...) and soft and ooomphy! (What? It's a word!!)

Willie concurs. (Scarves shown are in Lion Brand Homespun in Waterfall, and Barrington)


  1. aw the picture is adorable. Wish i had a hobby besides painting that i am into at this moment. blog reading doesnt count it is sooo time consuming... :)that would be my addiction right now.