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Monday, December 28, 2009

A Ring is Born...

Or rather, two rings. These are works currently in progress, and they were both created using materials purchased at The first ring is composed of silver wire, hammered for texture, a sterling bezel cup and this lovely moonstone.

The front view of the bezel cup and the ring shank

The view of the left side

The view of the right side

The lovely moonstone cabochon. If I place the cabocochon in the bezel cup before I solder it to the ring shank, I'll ruin the stone. If I simply place it in the cup, to show you all the effect, it can be difficult to remove! So for now, you'll just have to imagine it! The cabochon has a lovely high dome, so it will be nice and showy! I'll have to solder the cup to the shank, tumble the ring, set and rock the cabochon into place. It will probably be ready to list in my shop tomorrow.

Here's the second one: an oval bezel cup, ring shank made of sterling wire (hammered for texture) and a gorgeous oval iolite. I love iolite as a stone, and I don't know why more people don't use it. Maybe because it can be difficult to find in such nice quality? This cabochon is a beautiful clear deep indigo blue purple.

Side one: right or left, I guess, depending on which way you wear it! Let's call it right for now, shall we?

The other side: let's call it left. Of course, if you wear it upside down, it's the right. I've confused myself terribly through this realisation.

A view that shows the cabochon and a good clear shot of the oval. It looks rather like an eye when the iolite is in the cup: I'll admit, I've tried it, but then it's always a struggle to remove!

The iolite itself. Like the moonstone, it has a nice high dome so it should sit up nicely over the edge of the bezel cup with a minimum of filing.

I have a nice garnet too, and some other pretties on the way from another Etsy seller, so stay tuned to see the finished products here and in my shop!

As always, comments are welcomed!

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