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Friday, December 11, 2009

By popular demand...

So, during my regular morning Etsy chat session, we got onto the subject of hair. Specifically, curly hair and the care and management thereof. Hair is a topic that is near and dear to my heart, and often on my mind.

I love my hair. I really do. I complain about it often, but I know that it is more a blessing than a curse. It is thick, coarse, curly, long and red. The first three of course are genetic gifts. (Hi Dad!) I tell people that my mother married for this hair. (Thanks Mom!) The fourth trait is just patience, and the fifth is thanks to a truly gifted (and national award winning!) hair stylist, Kristin. She is a treasure!

Last time I had a cut, I asked her if she could show me how to style it so that I could wear it curly. She happily agreed, and we were off. I have to say that I was STUNNED by her results. NO one has ever made my curls that curly with NO fuzz. I wear it curly all the time now. I will post a picture later (after my shower haha!) of the results I am able to get at home using her methods. And, dear readers, I am going to share those methods with you!

Step 1: After shampooing and conditioning, and towel drying, DO NOT comb your hair! For your bangs, we can make an exception, since you will probably want to do those with your round brush anyway.

Step 2: Grab a curl smoothing cream/balm/gloss/what-have-you. DO NOT start at the top front of your head! Put it where you need it most, and work it through well without combing. DO NOT comb your hair, except with your fingers, to distribute smoothing product.

Step 3. Wait. Shave your legs, paint your toenails, whatever. Give your hair a little time to air dry. This is key.

Step 4: Work some curling mousse into your hair, being careful not to pull curls apart. You really shouldn't have to use too much if you've faithfully followed the steps up until now.

Step 4: Get out your diffuser and attach it to your blowdryer. I have a salon quality one, and it makes a difference! Starting with the BACK of your head, use the diffuser to simply lift the curls straight up to your scalp. Blast the dryer on full speed ahead, full heat! Leave it there until you think your scalp is nicely toasted! Do NOT scrunch your curls up with your hands at any point. You'll wind up with fuzz. For maximum volume, bend forward from the waist while you do each section. Repeat until you have done your whole head.

Step 5: THIS IS IMPORTANT! Stop drying JUST before you feel like it's entirely dry, so that it can settle. Let the curls relax slightly on their own to get rid of the 'separated' look they probably have. Add a shine spray if you like: use a defining product to highlight a section around your face. Do your bangs with a round brush and/or flat iron.

That's it! Pictures later, I promise!

Edited to add...Here's a picture! Try to ignore how badly I need my roots done and look at my foomfy curls!

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