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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Experiental Learning

That means learning by doing: via an experience, I learn. So, last night I was looking at all the stuff spread hither and yon across my desk and worktable and ...everywhere, and I thought to myself, "the one thing I still haven't played with making is rings. I wish I could make rings!"

Then I thought, "Honestly, what is stopping me from making rings? I have wire, I have dowels I can wrap wire around, I have tools for cutting wire...I can make rings!"  So I did. Here is the first ring experiment. I wrapped some 16 gauge wire around a wooden dowel. Then I took one of those funky fat potato pearls that I wire-wrapped for some earlier projects and suspended them on some 26 gauge wire. After I'd made 2 coils with the wire, I snipped the wire off and then wrapped the ends around the coil (you'll see what I mean when I post the picture!) I spread the two coils apart and wired the pearl between them, and voila! A ring!

Tomorrow I am buying a ring mandrel so I can make a variety of sizes!

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