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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer = Free Time!

Whew! The end of the school year has finally arrived, and I have been able to let go enough of the stress that I can relax and get some creative work done. First out of the gate: Scrabble tile pendants!

My dear mom started collecting Scrabble tiles for me quite some time ago, and for the most part they have just sat, lonely, in their bin in my office. So after a very stressful Saturday, I stopped in at my local Big Box Craft Store (when they start offering me discounts to name them, I'll name them!) and bought some supplies.

I bought: a paper punch with a lovely scalloped edge just SLIGHTLY bigger than the tiles, a package of floral patterned chigoyami paper, a set of decoupaging brushes, some stamps and a glue stamp pad. Yes, a GLUE stamp pad! More on that later.

So here's the introductory pic:

This picture is one of 7 designs I punched out of one single square of chiyogami paper that measures about 3" x 3". You can see that a small fuzzy made its way into the glaze, but I think that will sand away after the glazing is finished.

Here's another; same packet of papers, different sheet. I love the roses on this one! Another part of the sheet has tiny pink roses and a big white rose.
Here's one final solo tile:

What's funny about THIS one, is it's the sheet I liked least, but I really like the way the pendant is turning out. The colours of the orchid really pop with the sealer! 

And here's the whole haul so far:

You can see the light from my flash glaring more on some because of the angles, but I really like how shiny these look after only 3 coats of sealer! After dinner, I will put a few more coats of sealer and start a second batch. After all: I cut 7 tiles out of 2pieces each of four designs!

(Be the first to comment with the math correct and I will send you a finished tile necklace on a black satin cord!)


  1. these look way awesome! good job!

  2. Why thanks! I can't wait to put the bails on and start wearing (and LISTING!) them!

  3. These are really cute! They would make a great necklace and bracelet.

  4. I didn't even think about bracelets: hmm..... ;-D
    Necklaces will be coming soon to my Etsy shop!