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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Other things...

So, besides jewellery, and cooking, I love to knit. Specifically, I love knitting scarves and shawls, because they're easy and uncomplicated, and I find the repetition very soothing. Almost meditative. Since I've been off work, I have knit myself 3 scarves and a 'prayer shawl' that I love (but Mr. Wild* calls me "Granny" when I wear it outside the house) plus one scarf for my sister in law. I've knit all but one scarf in Lion Brand Homespun, because I love the feel and texture of it, and that it's machine washable and dryer safe. I also love the 29 or so colourways that it's available in. In fact I love it so much that all 4 (and the 2 unfinished/ongoing) finished projects have been in different colours!

A scarf is one skein, the shawl is 3 (though the pattern says 4, I disagree). The latest scarf is done in a colourway called Waterfall, and in seed stitch. It is cast on in an uneven number of stitches, and then knit1 purl 1 every row until it's the length you want. Add a fringe, and presto!

Clearly, Willie approves.

*NOT his real name, clearly, However, using his real name to 'talk about him on the Internet' is verboten.

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